Director & Photographer


If you can't tell
a story in a single frame,
you shouldn't be doing it in motion.

Paternal in Madrid

Tufiq in the Sahara

The Don of Morocco

Underground Boxing Africa

Dreaming of Chords

A Canadian in LA

New Year

Caleb Eike Smith

Room 12 - North Africa

Cordellia in Spain

Academy Award Nominee Djimon Hounsou for Toyota

Kevin Bacon

The Rocketman

Djimon Hounsou and Kenzo at Toyota Grand Prix

Twenty Something Hollywood

Bahram on Sunset

The Blocks

Anna in Detroit for Dresner

Tika on 7th Street - NYC

Mirror Mirror Mirror


Kennedy Rooftops - LA

Hannah in Como Italy

6th Street Bridge

19 and Wreckless

Wandering Autumn

Abandoned Landing Strip in the Middle East

Overwatch - Sidi Ifni

Sunset on The Ivory Coast

Atlas Mountains Africa

Atlas Mountains Africa

Moroccon Farmers Backed up to the Atlas Mountains

Lake Como Italy

Landfill in Thailand

Prayers in the Alps

The Swedish Connection

Italian Sunset

The Pearl of the Lake

Phi Phi Island Thailand

86 Floors Up Singapore

Kitchen Rockstar - Spotify

Barcelona Spain - Spotify

Music for Every Moment - Spotify

Lovers at Dusk - Spotify

Music for Every Moment - Spotify

A London Alley on Brick Lane - Spotify

Chevy for Realtree

Realtree Outdoors

Realtree Outdoors

Family Friends and the Outdoors - Realtree

Bowhunter - Realtree


Chevy 2014 - Realtree

"In film it is often better to feel things through than think them through"
Francis Ford Coppola


We are driven to FIND and HARBOR moments in stories whose authenticity is HARD TO COME BY and then adding a twist of STYLE.

Spotify European Re-branding Campaign - Moments in Life (Directors Cut)

Moments in Life is the slogan behind the Spotify commissioned commercial piece that stretched across 16 cities, 7 countries, and three continents for over 30 days. Nicholas Directed, Edited, Colored and shot a portion of the still campaign.

Fidelity - My Town Directors Cut (Spot 1 of 8)

Next to Detroit, Wichita Kansas has endured some of the hardest times in the United States as a city whose lost its primary industry... aviation. This is the story of the youthful voices of Wichita reaching out and asking for their turn, and the declaration from a bold local bank asking the city to move Bravely Onward. Directed, Edited, & Colored by Nicholas Vedros

Fidelity - The Decision (Spot 7 of 8)

The follow up message to "My Town". Directed, & Edited by Nicholas Vedros

Oklahoma Tourism 2013 (Spot 1 of 4)

Directed by Nicholas Vedros

Oklahoma Tourism 2013 (Spot 2 of 4)

Directed by Nicholas Vedros

Texans Love Belfonte Ice Cream

Directed, Edited, & Colored by Nicholas

OERB - Better Days Education (Spot 4 of 6)

Nicholas acted as Director & Cinematographer of this campaign.

Narrative Direction

Three scenes. One Comedy, the other two Drama & Suspense, all Directed, Edited, & Colored by Nicholas Vedros

I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center.
-Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., writer



Award winning motion director and still photographer

Nicholas is a strong visual storyteller with a tireless work ethic.

Concise concepts and themes are king.

Creating strong work and a happy client is the goal of every project.


Nicholas works with a collection of artists, writers, and entrepreneurs that operate under the identity.

Nicholas and his team's potential involvement is flexible, ranging from production to concept creation and writing to directing or photography.


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